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Ajoupa-bouillon Tourism - Martinique


Tourist information:

Small agricultural and forest town, nestled 260 meters high in the foothills of Mount Pelee, Ajoupa-Bouillon boasts of being the most flowery city of Martinique. Allamandas, hibiscus, bougainvillea, reeds or other tropical flowers allowed it to get the National Label "Flowered Cities and Municipalities."
Watered by eight rivers, from which Ajoupa-Bouillon makes its local specialty, the famous "z'habitants" big river crayfishes, which can be enjoyed with many receipes. During a visit to Ajoupa-Bouillon, beautiful scenery, hiking and crayfishes will be waiting for you.

The name "Ajoupa-Bouillon" is twofold. " Ajoupa" in Caribbean means a shelter, a small hut. "Bouillon" is the name of John Gobert, Sieur de Bouillon, a native of Languedoc, who died in 1680. According to local tradition, he would have drawn up on the side of the road connecting the Morne-Rouge to Lorrain, a cross and a ajoupa, popular among travelers.

In 1837 under the July Monarchy regime, Ajoupa-Bouillon is given municipal status, and is considered a hamlet attached to the North town, composed of Macouba and Basse-Pointe.

In 1848 , a thousand people were living in the city.

Ajoupa-Bouillon obtained municipal independence and was made a town in 1889.

On May 8, 1902, the town did not escaped the Mount Pelee eruption. The area had to be evacuated until 1906.

Today Ajoupa-Bouillon is basically oriented towards agricultural activities: pineapples, bananas, food crops and livestock. Ajoupa-Bouillon, with the cities of Morne-Rouge, Pointe-Basse, and Macouba Grand River are united by Mount Pelee and grouped under the Plein Nord Country Tourist Reception (PAT).

To see / To do
Ajoupa-Bouillon is full of amazing views, with the backdrop of Mount Pelee, and natural attractions that will delight nature lovers.

"Les Ombrages" Botanical Floral Trail: At the entrance of the village, the botanical trail "Les Ombrages", arranged in the hollow of a ravine, opened in 1990 on lands of the former Sancé rum distillery. Rich in many natural or cultivated species, this place is an introduction to Martinique Nature: bamboo, tropical flora, traditional Creole garden with vegetables, fruits and medicinal plants.

The Ajoupa Gardens: In the green setting of this nursery, we discover the flowers in all their forms including many hibiscus.

River Falaise Gorges: Ajoupa-Bouillon's main attraction, this walk along a river built between two huge cliffs covered with dense tropical forest, leads to waterfalls. A swim in the limpid pools is strongly recommended. The walk along the river takes about 30 minutes and is 1 km long.

Church of the Immaculate Conception: This baroque style church was built in 1848 from a chapel built around a cross, on a slave cemetery. Over the years, the building was improved and resisted to the 1891 cyclone and the eruption of August 1902. In 1926, two side aisles were added and the tower was restored. The tower was demolished in 1962.

Discover also... Walking on the Trianon and Calabash Morne paths.


Ajoupa-bouillon Tourism - Martinique


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